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CSA - (Community Supported Agriculture)  

The Summer 2011 CSA through growingwashington has already started and will be running for 18 weeks.  Fruits, vegetables, eggs and dairy products are being delivered to 3 Boeing sites (Everett Fitness center, Bomarc building (45-80) and the Bellevue fitness center), all grown locally and sustainably (nearly all organically).

You can get more info about the program at this website (summer sign-up is now closed, but watch for the 2011 winter season later this year):

For more general info about CSA's in this area (including a directory of all the farms from Whatcom county in the North to Thurston County in the South), check out these links: and  

How much does it cost?  Check the growingwashington website for 2011 prices.  You can get produce cheaper but the quality and the benefit to the local environment is unmatched.

How does it work?  Each week, you can choose exactly what you want in your box by selecting online from a list of the available produce.  You'll get a reminder each week - if you forget to order, you'll get the "Farmer's Choice".  The boxes are delivered to the pickup point of your choice.


What if I go away for a couple of weeks?  You can work with the farm to double up on a week's delivery or arrange for someone else to pick up the food.  You can also choose to donate your box to a food bank for the time you are away.  There is an assumption however that you commit to pay for the whole season.


What if I don't want an entire box for myself?  Share with a coworker or neighbor.


What if I forget to pick up my box?  The boxes will be left at the pickup point until the following afternoon, then the food will be taken to a food bank or distributed to whoever is in the area.


What if I don't want to lose my prime parking space by driving over to the Activity Center at lunch?  Pick up your box on the way home, or coordinate with other subscribers in your building to take it in turns to pick up the boxes.


What if I ride my bike or carpool to work?  You don't have to use the Everett Activity Center as a pickup point - there will be several other pickup points that might be more convenient for you.




  • Other projects:


  • Encourage more carpooling, sharing rides, reducing driving by connecting more people that live near each other to drive together.  Look for maps in the Bomarc building and add your label to see who lives near you and might be interested in carpooling.

  • Encourage employees and cafeterias to reduce waste (ideas here), offer lower impact foods and utensils

  • Reduce electricity consumption with campaign to turn off lights, vending machines, monitors, etc

  • Explore water conservation ideas.

  • Go on tours as a club (ideas include Islandwood Environmental Education Center, a wind farm, a local farm, environmentally-focussed businesses,....).  Send us your ideas...

  • Interest groups - connect with existing groups or form our own, such as electric cars or alternative energy or ??

  • Hold recycling events (electronics, household items, etc)

  • Introduce glass recycling on site

  • Initiate a solar community project

  • Introduce organic/shade-grown coffees at coffee stations

  • Establish buying club for environmentally responsible products and services (for example local fruits and vegetables)

  • Explore fluorescent light bulb recycling with company and communities

  • Distribute reusable shopping bags at Family Day Events.

  • Educate employees and families about the global impact of food choices

  • Research into and analysis of environmental choices (ie use analytical talent at Boeing to investigate life cycle impacts)

Have an idea for a project?  Let us know at

Questions/feedback, please contact:

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